Leaked WSOP 2018 Schedule Gives Sneak Peek?

An intrepid web surfer spotted this WSOP 2018 schedule posted at WSOP.com briefly and took screenshots of it all.  While you shouldn’t plan travel (or really rely on this at all!), it possibly gives a sneak peek into the 2018 WSOP schedule, which according to this info runs from May 30-July 15, 2018.

We’ll be sure and post the official schedule here as soon as we have it though.  That is expected sometime in January or February 2018.  Anyway, here’s the briefly posted schedule.  It’s shown in reverse chronological order with the return of the $1M Big One For One Drop event closing out the show in July, then going back through to the start of the series with the Casino Employees event and Colossus kicking things off.